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Do you attend courses, conferences and events?

Okayfood makes it easier for participants with food preferences to have a good dining experience when they attend courses, conferences and events.

Hotels, restaurants and catering companies often have several events and many different guests, that they serve at the same time.

Therefore, information about who is vegetarian, vegan or not eating certain foods because of allergy, disease or lifestyle may not get through to the right people.

This may mean that participants with food preferences have a poor dining experience. For example, because they have to wait longer than their colleagues for food. That they get food made at the last minute. At worst, they are served food that they cannot eat due to food allergies.

What does Okayfood do for you?

Create a personal food profile in Okayfood. E.g. you are vegetarian, vegan or do not eat certain foods due to allergy, disease or lifestyle. You only need to sign up once.

Use Okayfood to hare your food profile with the place, where you are going to attend an event. You communicate directly with the food managers. So you won’t risk any mistakes and misconceptions about your food needs.

You know that the food managers are aware about what you can eat and cannot eat. So you can safely concentrate on getting the best out of your stay.

It’s easy. It’s effective. It’s safe.

How does it work?

You will receive a unique Okayfood link along with other practical information regarding the event.

You use the Okayfood link which you receive by mail. Then sign up you food preferences for the arrangement you are attending – either online or by using the Okayfood app.

You can also choose to download the Okayfood app for free on your phone. Here you can register your food preferences directly to the event, which you are attending, with one click. You can sign up for Okayfood, whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, food allergy or have other food preferences. You only need to sign up once. Then you can share your profile with all the venues, that use Okayfood.

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