Today, Okayfood is a company that mainly serves companies in the meeting, catering and event industries.

But it all started in 2014, when my 4-year-old daughter was diagnosed with a severe food allergy to peanuts and peanuts. And since then, our family has had dangerous food allergies close to life. So we know everything about how challenging it can be to deal with that in our everyday life.

Okayfood started out as a company, that wanted to make life easier for parents to children who are so allergic, that they get seriously ill or can die by eating the wrong food products.

But some years later, we developed Okafood, as it is today. But the basic idea is still the same: We want to make life easier for people, who have food preferences and food allergies. And we want to make it easy for professional food providers to serve great dining experiences for all their guests.

We’re happy about your interest in Okayfood. And please feel free to contact us, if you want further information.

Yours sincerely

Michael Lykke, founder

Who is behind Okayfood?

OKAYFOOD is a part Okayfood Aps. – Cvr. nr: 40748792 – Located in Denmark.

c/o Republikken – Vesterbrogade 26 – 1620 Copenhagen V.

The people behind Okayfood:

Michael Lykke:

Founder of Okayfood Aps and CEO. Responsible for sales, marketing and cooperation agreements with external partners. Father of a daughter with severe peanut allergy. Eagerly climbing on rocks and high walls in his spare time. In addition, the owner of the danish consultancy company: Øverst Oppe.

Jens Gertsen

Partner in Okayfood Aps. Computer & IT consultant specialized in backend and IT infrastructure. In addition, Partner in the danish IT company: Tekstur.

Dennis Flood

Partner in Okayfood Aps. IT consultant specialized in front end and app development. In addition, Partner in the danish IT company: Tekstur.

Kasper Hjort

Partner In Okayfood Aps. Designer specialized in UX and branding. In addition, a tech entrepreneur, business developer and owner of Hjortenfeldt Holding Aps.

Contact information

Michael Lykke from Okayfood by mail:

Michael Lykke from Okayfood by phone: +45 20 96 01 97