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Okayfood for bookers

Book your events at the hotels and restaurants that Okayfood is coperatingwith. Then you are sure, that all your guests will have a good dining experience – including those with food preferences and food allergies.

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How is Okayfood working?

  1. Book your arrangement at one of our hotel -or restaurant partners.
  2. You will receive a unique Okayfood link where your guests can inform the Okayfood partners about their food  preferences.
  3. Send the Okayfood-link to the guests along with other practical information. If you do not have the contact with the guests yourself, send the link to the person who is in charge of  the event. 
  4. Their articipants share their dietary preferences and food allergies directly with the chefs at the hotel / restaurant. The guests can sign up online through the submitted Okayfood-link or directly from their phone via our Okayfood app.

Do you have participants who attend courses, conferences and events?

Many bookers and event organizers find that participants with personalized food preferences demands more and more work, when it comes to the planning of courses, conferences and events.

That’s why we’ve developed Okayfood. A free cloud-based planning tool that makes it easy for bookers and organizers to help participants with food preferences to get great dining experiences.

At the same time, you don’t need to spend time on gathering information about the participants’ food preferences. Because Okayfood handles that part automatically – without you having to do anything.

You will have more time for other tasks. You avoid the GDPR hassle. And you put the participants in direct contact with the food managers, so that no mistakes or misunderstandings will appear in the communication.

Why use Okayfood as a booker?

Such factors such as climate crisis, animal welfare, personal health, ecology, sustainability, food allergy and food intolerance play a major role in the participants’ choice of dietary preferences and personal wishes for meals.

This means, that more and more participants are demanding food, that takes into account, that they are vegetarians, vegans or not eating certain foods due to allergies, illness, diets and lifestyle.

Hotels, restaurants and catering companies are often in dialogue with many meeting bookers and event organizers from different companies and organizations at the same time.

Therefore, information about who is vegetarian, vegan or not eating certain foods due to allergy, disease or lifestyle may not get through to the right people.

This means, that participants with food preferences may have a poor dining experience. Eg. because they have to wait longer than their colleagues for food. They get food, that is made at the last minute. At worst, they are served food that they cannot eat due to allergies.

How does Okayfood work for bookers?

You will receive a unique Okayfood link from the venue, where you have your course, conference or event.

Then you send the Okayfood link to the participants along with other practical information. If you do not have contact with the participants yourself, you will pass the link to the person responsible for the participants information.

The participants share their food preferences and food allergies directly with the food managers for the event. The participants can either sign up online via the submitted link or directly from the phone through the Okayfood app.

It’s easy. It’s effective. It’s safe.

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