Effective management of food preferences and food allergies

Many hotels, restaurants and event companies spend more and more time on handling food preferences when they arrange meetings, parties, events and conferences. 

That’s why we’ve developed Okayfood. A cloud-based planning tool that digitilize the way the staff gather and administrate the guests’ personalized food preferences.

Okayfood helps you to save time and resources. You avoid mistakes and misunderstandings. And you can calmly look into a future with even more personel requests related to your menus. 

Why use Okayfood? 

Factors such as the climate crisis, animal welfare, personal health, ecology, sustainability, food allergy and food intolerance play a major part when it comes to thes guests’ food preferences and personal wishes for meals.

This means that more and more guests are demanding menus that take into account that they are vegetarians, vegans or not eating certain foods due to allergy, disease, diets and lifestyle.

And the companies will spend a disproportionate amount of ressources and time on dealing with food preferences, if they cannot handle that challenge effectively. 

This may result in guests having a poor dining experience. For example, they will have to wait longer than their colleagues for food. They might get food made at the last minute. Or as a worst case scenario – they are served food that makes them ill due to food allergies.

Okayfood ensures that you exchange the right information with the guest, because the communication takes place directly between those who are responsible for the food, and the guests who have personal food preferences. 

You know exactly what the can eat, and what they cannote as.  And the participants can concentrate fully on enjoying your dining experiences and getting the most out of their stay.

It all happens automatically. This means that you do not need to spend more resources, regardless of how many guests who have preferences.

Besides that – you’ll also get:

How does Okafood work?

Each company has its own unique portal in the Okayfood system. Here you can create an unlimited number of events, and all relevant employees can access the system.

You send a unique Okayfood link for the event to the organizer of the event.

The organizer sends the Okayfood link to the guests along with other practical information. If they do not have direct contact with the participants themselves, the organizer sends the Okayfood link to the person, who is responsible for the arrangement.

The guests share the information directly with you. The guests can share their information with you online via the Okayfood link or directly from their phone via the Okayfood app.

It is easy. It is effective. It’s safe.

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